After her husband Tony’s gastric cancer diagnosis, Christy, a mother to five children, shares her experience adjusting to her newly added role of being a caregiver. Learn how she managed Tony’s diagnosis, navigated life as a first-time caregiver – from doctors’ appointments to specific dietary needs – and built a strong support system and care team.

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Hear from Christy about her experience as a caregiver to Tony, as he was diagnosed with gastric cancer at age 46. Listen to her story as she details the journey of learning about his initial diagnosis and the life changes she made for her family as she became a caregiver.

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After her late husband Tony’s gastric cancer diagnosis, Christy had to quickly transition to a caregiver role. She elaborates on her advice to best manage the emotional toll caregivers take on with the role and the importance of learning from others in the cancer community.

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Hear from Christy about how vital it is to have a support system and a strong care team during the gastric cancer treatment process. She shares advice on how to manage the caregiver experience through the support of advocacy groups and leaning on a strong team for help.

Gastric Cancer Media Resources

Early stage gastric and GEJ cancer frequently shows no symptoms, or the symptoms overlap with other gastric related conditions, making it difficult to detect. Learn more about the risk factors, signs, and symptoms.


New research is emerging around novel biomarkers that can uncover previously unidentified subsets of gastric and GEJ cancer patients. Learn more about what biomarkers are, why they are being explored and how they are being applied in the clinical landscape.

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