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Astellas Receives Award for Diversity & Inclusion Programming

Mar 13, 2019

Chicago United, an organization dedicated to advocating for people of color, presented Astellas with its Championship Team Award this week for the company’s support of last year’s Chicago Unites concert, a musical celebration of diversity & inclusion. Astellas both sponsored and provided logistical and strategic support for the concert.

“We are honored to receive the Championship Team Award for contributions made to improving diversity and inclusion in the Chicago business community,” said Eloiza Domingo-Snyder, executive director, Diversity & Inclusion. “As a member of Chicago United, Astellas continues to reap the rewards of sharing, learning and fine-tuning its intentional diversity and inclusion resources and programs.”

In addition to Domingo-Snyder and Astellas Americas President Percival Barretto-Ko, Astellas team members who were recognized for their support of Chicago United included Walter Garcia, assistant director, Diversity & Inclusion; Maribeth Landwehr, executive director, Corporate Communications; Ashley Lunardini, associate, Corporate Events; Trent Richardson, senior manager, Corporate Communications; and Debbie Webber, Director, Corporate Events.

Through frequent collaboration on events such as these, Astellas is contributing to the creation of an environment where racially diverse leaders from a broad swath of industries can share common experiences to promote diversity and inclusion. Astellas has been an active member of Chicago United since 2016, participating in meetings and events for unparalleled, honest, and candid discussions of race and ethnicity in business.