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Get To Know Astellas Americas

Aug 7, 2017

Astellas is proud to be a global company with offices and employees in countries around the world. We aim to embrace and best serve the communities where we live and work in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Our Americas Region consists of offices and teams located in the United States, Brazil, Canada and Colombia, and extends further into Latin American markets through a number of business partners.  

Although we are located in countries with different languages and healthcare systems, our employees remain united as One Astellas through the universal values of openness, integrity, ownership and results – with the patient always at the forefront of everything we do.

Recently, we asked employees from Brazil, Canada and Colombia to share how they’re serving patients and their local communities, and discuss what they believe makes Astellas unique.

Beatriz Mello
Senior Group Manager, Oncology
Astellas Farma Brasil

In your opinion, what makes Astellas’ corporate culture unique in Brazil? 
Our relentless focus on the patient. Regardless of the therapeutic area that we work in, as Astellas employees we are always aligned in our mission to serve patients. We respect one another, and look first at the patient’s needs before our functions or titles.  

How is Astellas helping patients and supporting the local community in Brazil? 
Astellas helps patients by providing innovative solutions to treat symptoms and save lives. I work specifically in oncology, and am proud to help find these solutions so that patients can receive the treatments and therapies they need. My colleagues and I also participate in social responsibility activities through designated volunteer days.

Why are you proud to be an Astellas employee?
I am proud to continue advancing the ethics, principles and values of Astellas, and proud to work with senior executives who uphold these values. I was also honored to attend the company’s 2016 Women in Action conference and witness firsthand the resources and support Astellas invests in my fellow female colleagues. When my 5-year-old daughter puts on my clothes and says she's going to work at Astellas, I am proud to work for a company that inspires me and my family.


Perry Proskos
Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs
Astellas Pharma Canada

In your opinion, what makes Astellas’ corporate culture unique in Canada? 
Astellas Canada’s culture is unique in several ways. As the Americas’ northern affiliate, “WE THE NORTH” strive to live the Astellas Way in a One Astellas culture. Despite various teams and therapeutic areas, our cross-functional leads collaborate with integrity and openness, delivering results for the local organization within a supportive global environment. In our regulatory team, we successfully work with collaborative global teams focused on patients and results.

How is Astellas helping patients and supporting the local community in Canada?
Astellas Canada supports the local community through our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. For example, I have participated in two Ronald McDonald House events, and am reminded after each event how grateful I am to be part of a team that is supportive of patients and their families. Participating in Changing Tomorrow Day activities has also been a great way to give back to patients and the community.

Why you are proud to be an Astellas employee?
I am honored to be part of a culture that collaborates well, locally and globally.  A positive culture fosters positive results, and that has been proven here in Canada.


Giovanny Alberto Montoya M.D, M.Sc
Associate Director, Medical Affairs & PV
Astellas Farma Colombia

In your opinion, what makes Astellas’ corporate culture unique in Colombia?
Astellas is dedicated to turning innovative science into value for patients both in Colombia and around the world. We do this through a unique culture called "The Astellas Way," a patient-oriented vision and set of principles that guide our work with leadership, openness, integrity and results.

How is Astellas helping patients and supporting the local community in Colombia?
Our patients’ well-being is our top priority, so our decisions and daily work are focused towards this objective. We know that sometimes innovation and development are simply not enough. We must also collaborate with our stakeholders to ensure patients have access to these innovations and to increase our positive impact throughout the community in Colombia.

Why you are proud to be an Astellas employee?
Many years ago, I decided to study medicine and pursue a career helping patients. Although I am not actively working in a clinical setting, I believe that my work at Astellas positively impacts the lives of thousands of Colombian patients who may benefit from the medicines we develop. Astellas’ culture, mission and vision have allowed me to pursue my life’s passion, and for that reason I am both proud and happy to be part of Astellas.

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