Promoting Patient Access in the States – Video Discussion featuring Astellas US President Mark Reisenauer

Astellas Pharma US President Mark Reisenauer recently joined PhRMA Senior Vice President of State Advocacy Scott LaGanga for a conversation about a range of topics that are important to patients – from the latest in medical science to the ways that biopharmaceutical companies, policymakers and other stakeholders are working to lower out-of-pocket costs.

“The future is incredible,” Mark said. “When you think about what’s possible for patients, in terms of treatment, prevention, and even cures, we’re talking about cures for diseases that we didn’t even have treatments for previously, which is amazing. The prospects are bright, but…we can’t lose sight of the access part of the equation because if patients can’t access these therapies, the technology is all for nothing.”

In his role on the PhRMA Board of Directors, Mark works with his peers and stakeholders across the healthcare system to advocate for state policies that help ensure patients have access to the medicines they need.

“The states that are getting it right are the ones that are looking holistically at the supply chain, but also the ones that are really dealing with the issue that we know patients most care about, which is out-of-pocket costs, what they pay at the pharmacy counter,” Scott stated.

Watch the full discussion below and learn more here.

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