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Clinical trials are a crucial step in drug development to find out if an experimental treatment is safe and effective in treating a specific condition or disease. But clinical trials also trigger a lot of questions and sometimes anxiety from patients and their caregivers. That’s exactly why Astellas launched a global clinical trial website ( which serves as one-stop information resource for patients.

Astellas Clinical Trial Website Now Available in 4 Languages

This site provides information and educational resources for patients, their families and friends, caregivers, the public, and healthcare professionals about the clinical trial process in general and specific Astellas clinical trials. In addition, consistent to our commitment to public disclosure and data transparency, results from our clinical trials are also available to search from the site. To ensure we are delivering a culturally appropriate experience that serves a broad patient population, the website is now available in four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.

Engaging Features to Help Patients

The website offers many patient-friendly features, including:

  • Intuitive search function that enables patients and caregivers to find relevant clinical trials, assess eligibility, access clinical trial results and plain language summaries, and more
  • Interactive map which guides visitors to nearby enrolling site locations
  • Educational resources around clinical trials and what they entail
  • Option to contact Astellas for more information
  • Option to sign up for updates

Keen to learn what clinical trials are and what it means to participate? Looking for information about a specific clinical trial at Astellas? We encourage you to check out this patient resource to learn more.

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