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Astellas Establishes Patient Centricity Leadership Team to Incorporate Patient Perspectives Across the Development Continuum

Sep 23, 2020

Astellas is united globally to engaging patients as partners in their care. With the creation of the Patient Centricity division one year ago, we established as an organization a clear corporate direction to directly engage with key stakeholders including patients, caregivers and advocacy organizations to gain the deepest understanding possible of patients’ needs and what is and isn’t working. 

Today, we’re proud to announce the structure within the Patient Centricity organization of four distinct teams – Medical Intelligence and Patient Insights, Patient Insights and Solutions, the Behavioral Science Consortium and Patient Partnerships – working together to apply unique insights from patients, caregivers, healthcare providers and advocacy partners in considering how to prioritize Astellas resources to the projects with the potential to have the biggest impact on patients’ lives:

  • Medical Intelligence and Patient Insights: supporting research and development teams with a deep understanding of the exam room dynamic to identify unmet needs in the context of standard of care and the characteristics deemed necessary for successful entry of a new offering into the treatment continuum.

  • Patient Insights and Solutions: providing a clear understanding of the patient, disease and treatment in the real-world setting and delivering insights into patient/practitioner issues and needs to support a holistic approach to care.

  • Behavioral Science Consortium: convening a faculty of global, multi-disciplinary behavioral science experts to address real-world issues impacting patient care and health outcomes. The BSC will provide relevant and actionable insights to inform organizational decisions and identify new opportunities to address comprehensive patient care needs.

  • Patient Partnerships: serving as a common access point for patient insights globally by developing legal, compliant and sustainable methods of interacting with advocacy partners and

As part of this structure, Astellas has announced the formation of the Patient Centricity Leadership team, a group of industry leaders recruited from inside and out of Astellas to support the development of innovative health solutions through a deeper understanding of the patient experience, medical need and behavioral drivers of care.


Joe Collins will lead the Medical Intelligence and Patient Insights (MIPI) team partnering with early research groups at Astellas to determine the opportunity in specific disease areas. Utilizing a multi-pronged analysis, MIPI packages an assessment that provides Astellas colleagues with a deeper understanding of patient needs to ultimately help teams make more informed decisions in a more accelerated manner. 

Deepti Jaggi will lead the Patient Insights and Solutions (PInS) team providing a deep understanding of patient dynamics in the real-world setting to create personalized solutions for late stage development teams, lifecycle management and non-Rx - or Rx+ - initiatives. PInS explores the big data view of patient and care pathways in the real-world setting, based on validated scales, surveys and other assessments, to identify solutions that address and improve patient outcomes in the real-world environment.

Lisa Mattle will lead the Behavioral Science Consortium (BSC) working to understand and improve, with empathy and compassion, every single aspect of a patient’s real-life experience and journey. The BSC, a new capability for Astellas, enhances organizational understanding of patient and healthcare provider behaviors, in a real-world setting, that serve to inform better decisions, identify new opportunities, and enable the delivery of a better, comprehensive, differentiated approach to patient care.

Doug Noland will lead the Patient Partnerships (PP) team building trusted relationships with patients and advocacy organizations globally to deepen an understanding of patient perspectives and advance patient awareness, education and support. In close partnership and collaboration with MIPI, PInS, BSC and other Astellas colleagues, the Patient Partnerships team provides a platform that facilitates the gathering of insights and potential solutions to patients’ most urgent challenges.

Tyler Marciniak will lead Strategy and Integration enabling successful implementation of the vision for Patient Centricity at Astellas by ensuring alignment with the corporate strategy, processes and operations, while also working to integrate a patient centric-mindset into the daily activities of every division and every employee worldwide.