Feature Stories

Balancing Work and Home with Astellas’ Support

Nov 19, 2019


Striking the perfect balance between work and home has been a challenge for American workers for years, typically framed as a women’s issue. However, the truth is, men have work life balance challenges as well. Dual-income households are becoming the norm, and more and more dads are equal parenting partners.

I am humbled to be named Astellas’ Working Dad of the Year and know this recognition would not be possible without our company’s commitment to a supportive workplace culture. As a father of two children striving to succeed at both work and home, I place a high value on Astellas’ programs that offer opportunities for professional development along with flexibility in how we get our work done.

Our parental school time off and flextime benefits have allowed me to serve as a coach and superfan of my daughter’s basketball and volleyball team and to ensure I’m spending quality time with my kids. While coaching my daughter’s basketball team, I had to come up with plays, develop devotionals for our church league, and attend practices and games. There is no way possible I could excel at both work and personal commitments without Astellas’ support. While winning a basketball championship and getting to put a medal around my daughter’s neck was great, more rewarding is that both my daughter and stepson know I’m able to be there for them.

In the 13 years I have worked at Astellas, I have had the benefit of actively participating in the evolution of our workplace culture that fosters development, diversity, and inclusion. In addition to my core government pricing work, I am the Community Lead for our Astellas’ Abilities Employee Impact Group, which raises awareness of the impact that physical, mental, and emotional disabilities have on the community.

My work at the office and at home are equally important to me. I am truly grateful that Astellas recognizes the importance of work life balance, and provides me with a greater sense of control and ownership of my life.