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Astellas Scientist Featured in New WWFH Video

Mar 13, 2019

Dr. Dan Hoeppner, associate director of Neuroscience at the Astellas Research Institute of America (ARIA), appears in a new video released by the Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America’s We Work for Health (WWFH) program.

Last year, Dan was recognized as a WWFH Champion for his efforts representing Astellas and our industry in face-to-face meetings with federal and state lawmakers. He has participated in several researcher “fly-ins” in both California and Washington, DC – and has helped organize policymaker visits to our ARIA facility.

In the video, Dan describes his path from music to biopharmaceutical science, Astellas’ preclinical efforts to discover new treatments for psychiatric disease, the challenges of medical innovation, and the value of engaging with lawmakers.

“It’s very important to have a seat at the…political table where we are exposing our side of the story – I think a very positive side of innovation, of investment, of economic growth, of bringing new drugs to patients who are suffering from a curable disease. Those are the stories that we’re trying to tell, and it’s very important that we engage with legislators on that topic,” Dan says.

You can watch the full video here.