Feature Stories

Helping to Feed the Hungry

May 25, 2018

Five Astellas employees from the Primary Care/Specialty and Hospital field Sales teams in the Kansas City area volunteered with the Harvesters Community Food Network as part Astellas’ volunteer time off program that provides full-time employees five paid volunteer days annually.

The team put together demonstration kits for grocery representatives to collect cash donations at 122 grocery stores as part of the organization’s Harvest Feed Hunger program.

“The kits we assembled were used to collect the donations,” said Lisa Carter, senior professional representative II, PCP/Specialty West. “In just one day, we were able to assemble all the kits needed for 2017.”

Harvesters Community Food Network is the largest non-profit food bank that provides food for many families in need in and around the greater Kansas City area.

Living SMART™ is the Astellas approach to preparing communities today for what can happen tomorrow. The Living SMART framework brings together the strength of the charitable Astellas USA Foundation and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work to find the areas where we can make the most impact to improve lives. Astellas USA Foundation and Astellas CSR collaborate to create a positive impact on society through three overarching focus areas: health and well-being; Science WoRx (STEM education); and disaster response. To read more about Living SMART, see the Astellas Americas Corporate Social Responsibility Report Card.