Feature Stories

Taking a Day to Help Babies in Need

Mar 28, 2018

After having two babies born prematurely at 26 weeks (one in 2007 and another in 2010), Nancy Henzi, a senior professional representative II, PCP/Specialty, knew that she wanted to give back and help other families faced with similar situations. 

Nancy and her son, Knox Henzi, made blankets for the babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Beaumont Children’s Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

“Making the blankets for the babies at Beaumont Children’s Hospital had a personal connection for our family, as this is the hospital where my son, Knox, was born at 26 weeks—weighing only two pounds,” said Nancy.

When Nancy and her son dropped off the blankets, one of the nurses, who cared for her son when he was a baby, provided them with a tour. Nancy’s son, now seven years old, could see babies that were his size and see where he slept for the first two months of his life.

“Having my son see where his life started and seeing how our blankets could help other babies was a rewarding experience for us both,” said Nancy.

Nancy also volunteered with the March of Dimes, providing office support for one of the organization’s largest fundraisers—The Signature Chef’s Auction.

“I am so grateful for Astellas in providing us the opportunity to take paid-time off to volunteer with causes that we feel passionate about to help make a difference in the lives of others,” said Nancy. 

Living SMART™ is the Astellas approach to preparing communities today for what can happen tomorrow. The Living SMART framework brings together the strength of the charitable Astellas USA Foundation and our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) work to find the areas where we can make the most impact to improve lives. Astellas USA Foundation and Astellas CSR collaborate to create a positive impact on society through three overarching focus areas: health and well-being; Science WoRx (STEM education); and disaster response. To read more about Living SMART, see the Astellas Americas Corporate Social Responsibility Report Card.