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Jim Robinson Leads Policy Discussion with Three Governors on Biopharmaceutical Innovation

Sep 19, 2017

On September 19 in Chicago, Astellas Americas President Jim Robinson led a panel discussion hosted by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and We Work for Health (WWFH) on the role that public policy plays in supporting new advancements in biopharmaceutical innovation.

Jim was joined onstage by Governor Scott Walker (WI), Governor Larry Hogan (MD), PhRMA President and CEO Steve Ubl, and Michelle Orive of Rush to Live, a non-profit organization that supports organ transplant recipients.

The governors shared details on state-based programs and initiatives that reinforce the biosciences, drive economic growth and contribute to improved patient health. For example, they discussed research collaborations in their states, as well as efforts to support science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education in their public schools. Steve Ubl and Michelle Orive offered insights into the impact of the biopharmaceutical industry on patient outcomes, the need for continued medical innovation and the importance of alleviating access barriers to new medicines.

“Public policy decisions are far-reaching. They impact the future of medical innovation and the ability for patients to access life-saving treatments,” Robinson stated. “We must continue to work with leaders in both the public and private sectors to ensure that our healthcare policies elevate the patient voice and continue to drive innovation.”

The event was attended by leaders from many corners of the healthcare and business communities, including healthcare executives, patient advocates, and policy officials.

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