How Global Companies Can Leverage Diversity and Inclusion for Business Impact

At Astellas, our goal is to address the world’s most pressing unmet medical needs while conducting our business with ethics and integrity. The Diversity and Inclusion team, led by Eloiza Domingo, Executive Director and Head of Engagement, has been a driving force in championing the principles of diversity, inclusion and belonging to foster a workplace environment that enables respect and success for all Astellas employees and partners.

Eloiza was featured on W2O Group’s What2Know podcast to discuss inclusive leadership and the importance of global companies taking the initiative to create safe and inclusive workplaces where all employees can achieve their full potential.

“Cultural competency doesn’t happen overnight. You learn it as a skill over the course of time and become proficient through practice. Diversity has historically been a scary concept to some, where people are fighting and advocating for things that the majority didn’t want to talk about. Over time the conversation has become more fluid – it’s fortunately evolved to much more of an active, engaged and embraced conversation that is becoming part of the fabric of healthcare companies these days.”

Eloiza constantly challenges business leaders to think about their own leadership positions, and to consider how their own company culture, practices and values bring value to organizations.

“As a global company, we recognize that it is our responsibility to be at the forefront and take the lead on establishing a sense of belonging for everyone. Diversity and inclusion is not a single event – it’s a contract set in motion by leaders and championed at every level throughout the workplace. Through a commitment to build a stronger, more diverse work environment, you’re setting the tone. You’re acknowledging at the world stage that some of the world’s most pressing unmet needs require a diverse and talented global workforce.”

At Astellas, we are committed to nurturing a diverse workforce because we know that an employee population with unique skills and different experiences can create better solutions for patients and stakeholders.

“I look around at my team and am reminded of the energy I had when I first started – the optimism, the drive, the articulation of the work and the basis of theoretical foundation that really created in me what I wanted to change in this world. They remind me that even if you can’t change it today, you can change it tomorrow.”

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